Fine Grade Wool Club

Byelaw of “Fine Grade Wool Club”

Section 1 Name of the club

  1. The name of the club shall be “Fine Grade Wool Club.”
  2. Fine Grade Wool Club registers the name of “Fine Grade Wool” as a trademark and utilizes it for activities of the Fine Grade Wool Club.
  3. “FGW” shall be the short name for Fine Grade Wool and “FGWC” for Fine Grade Wool Club.

Section 2 Purpose

  1. The purpose of this club is to develop products and promote marketing activities for wool futon using FGW which takes into consideration sleep environment and hygiene for more comfortable sleeping.
  2. The purpose of FGW wool futon is to reduce odor and improve durability, etc in order to provide consumers with “peace of mind and feeling of safety”

FGW Quality Standard

Commercial products of FGW shall conform to the both Woolmark Quality Standard and FGW Standard, regardless of use or nonuse of Woolmark.

(1) Woolmark Quality Standard (IB-2: 2016)

(2) FGW Quality Standard
Test Item Quality Requirement Test Sample* Test method
Turbidity More than 500 mm Raw material QTEC Method
(JIS L 1903-modified)
pH 4.5 to 8.0 Raw material
or Filling material
JIS L 1081
Vegetable matters Not more than 0.3 % Filling material
Oil and Fat Not more than 0.3 % Raw material
or Filling material
Compressive Elasticity
Volume Ratio
Recovery Rate
(For under futon)
More than 40㎝³/g
Less than 60%
More than 85%
Filling material QTEC Method
(JIS L 1097-modified)